Newspaper article on Discrimination


Found from the manly daily

Bus drivers discriminate against scooters………….

My mother has been refused entry on Sydney buses in excess of 6 times in two days – all because she is in a scooter. It’s not by choice that she travels this way, she is disabled and cannot use her legs. Yet she’s an active contributor to society, and works for a national company in senior management. All mum wants to do is get to work – yet bus drivers are telling her that she’s not allowed on because she’s in a scooter and she’ll take up too much room during peak hour. This is blatant discrimination.

I have contacted Sydney Buses and the State Transit Authority – they have not been able to advise me of any such rule in existence which allows bus drivers to refuse access to those in scooters.

Recently the Manly Daily reported on the great news that more disabled access buses have been purchased and will be used in the northern beaches area. This is fantastic news – but if disabled people are refused entry on to the buses this does little to help those in our community who need the most assistance.

Shame on those bus drivers that refused my mum a basic right and freedom that a fully abled person simply expects.

Unfortuntely mum is no stranger to such access issues and has recently had problems getting on to trams in Melbourne (as pictured).

As a community we need to work towards lifting the barriers for participation by demanding equal access.

This Article shows discrimination against the disabled.


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