Q1. what are the demographics of young homelessness  in Australia ?  

The magority of homeless people are found in large cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Over 46% of homeless people are under the age of 24.

Q2. How does being homeless affest a young person?

It affects there ability to go to school and how they think about life. It makes young people feel vunrable and lonley.

Q3. what are some of the causes in the rises of youth homelessness in australia ?

Domestic violence in the home causes young people to feel like they need to get away. Also young people are wanting more freedom earlier in life so this also causes homelessness.

Q4. what aspects of the current welfare system can inhibat a young homeless person from finding help?

Homelessness makes young people feel vunrable and scared to ask for help. Also when trying to stay in a inn or hostile they are often too full to give them a place to sleep.


what words first come into your mind when you think of a homless person? are these words positive, negative or neutral?

  • Vunrable, – negative
  • alone, – negative
  •  lessfourtunate, – negative  
  • dirty – negative 
  • poor, – negative
  • misunderstood – neutral
  • Un cared for- neautral
  • caring – positive
  • helpless – neutral
  • lonely – neutral

1. How are characters who are homless protrayed in  movies or oin television ?

television and movies make homeless people seem dirty , worthless, uncared for , alone , depressed and upset with life.

2. Do you think that these protrayals are accurate, and why?

I dont think that they are accurate bec ause homeless people are just misunderstood and need to be given a chance.

3. do the same steryotypes apply to young homless people?

No because more people feel sorry for young people and try to give them a chance in life.





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